Q. Who in Colorado area can assay ore?

Answer:  As of July 15, 2013 HIGH PLAINS LIVING HISTORY AND TRADING COMPANY, LLC can assay gold and silver.  They are located at 1695 N Heron Dr, Pueblo West, CO 81007.  Phone : 719-547-2455 and Email: HIGHPLAINS2 @YAHOO.COM.  Call or email them for details.

Do NOT send your samples before contacting them.


Q. What rules apply to recreational gold panning?


Answer: Gold panning for recreation may occur on BLM land without special permits except where prohibited and special rules apply in some areas Including the Arkansas River area.


Q. I want to go rockhoundlng on public land; do I need a mining calm to legally collect?


Answer: No. Regulations and procedures for property looking for some minerals, as well as fossil hunting are explained In the BLM Colorado Rockhounding &. Fossil Collecting downloadable brochure.


Q. Can I file a mining claim to get my own land in the mountains?


Answer No. A mining calm on public lands is a “possessory mineral Interest”. This means that a mining claimant has a limited right to the location for mining or milling purposes only. No deed accompanies this right. It does not grant excusive right to "vacation" or "fish" on the land, to the claim holder. If the surface use is not otherwise encumbered, anyone may enter upon a claim on public lands for recreational purposes. Mining claims are not a homesteading program, permission for occupancy falls under 43 CFR 3715 regulations.


Q. If I file a mining claim can I eventually obtain title to the land?


Answer: No, not at this time. Since October 1, 1994, Congress has imposed a moratorium on BLM accepting any new mineral patent applications.


Q. How do I locate a mining claim?


Answer: Information can be found on our website, Mining Claim Locations, and in the brochure titled Mining claims and Sites on Federal lands. The regulations for locating a claim fall under 43 CFR 3800.


Q. What are the Governing Laws for mining?


Answer: In 1872, Congress passed the General Mining law which stated that all un-appropriated lands were open to entry and purchase. In the ensuing years it has been amended by acts of Congress and Interpreted by countless court decisions but is largely intact. Currently ores of metallic elements and uncommon varieties of non metallic deposits are available under 43 CFR 3809. Mining claims are classified and regulated under "locatable" minerals 43 CFR 3830, occupancy falls under 43 CFR 3715.


Q. How can I learn more about unpatented mining claims?


Answer: Information on federal unpatented mining claims nationwide can be found in the BLM lR2000 system.


Q. How can I get patented mining claim Information?


Answer: Generally, lode and placer claims were surveyed prior to granting the patent, there are also claims in Colorado that were surveyed but a patent was never issued. In order to do an effective search you will need to have some basic Information on the mining claim, such as legal description, Mineral Survey number, or the patent serial number. Original patent information may be obtained by searching on-line at the BLM, General Land Office Records website; and by contacting the Public Room at 303-239-3600, or by email


Q. What are the regulations for locatable mineral mining and prospecting operations?


Answer: In addition to state requirements, the federal regulations Identify 3 tiers of use on a mining claim based on surface disturbance and commercial use (sales).


Q. What is CASUAL USE?


Casual use prospecting Includes those activities which cause very little or no disturbance. For example: collection of geochemical, rock, soil, or mineral specimens using hand tools; hand panning; or non-motorized sluicing. It also generally includes use of metal detectors, gold spears and other battery-operated devices for sensing the presence of minerals, and hand and battery-operated dry washers. Operators may use motorized vehicles for casual use activities only If the use is consistent with the regulations governing such use (part 43 CFR 8340), including following off-road vehicle use designations and temporary closures ordered by BLM. Casual use operations do not require notification of the BLM except where specific land use or recreation area plans cal. for a recreational mining permit. You must reclaim any casual-use disturbance that you create.




A person must file a Notice of Intent to Conduct Prospecting Operations (NOI) with the appropriate BLM Field Office, as defined In 43 CFR 3809 regulations. Notice level prospecting means any prospecting operation that is motorized, mechanized, uses explosives, or is reasonably expected to result in greater land disturbance other than is caused by the ordinary, lawful use of the land by persons not prospecting. The operator will be required to provide a financial guarantee warranty for reclamation costs of the prospecting operations which is flied and held by CDRMS In the form of a cash bond, or a corporate or Insurance Instrument.




An approved Plan of Operations Is required for exploration activities disturbing In excess of 5 acres, bulk sampling of 1,000 tons or more, and all proposed mining or milling operations (regardless of the acreage disturbed). A Plan Is required for any operation causing surface disturbance greater than


Casual Use In special status areas as defined In 43 CFR 3809.11. Financial warranty must be supplied for all plan level operations.


Q. What about suction dredging on public land?


Answer: A person must contact the BLM field Office with jurisdiction over the land where the operation will take place BEFORE beginning such use to determine what level of regulations your operation falls under. If your operations involve the use of a suction dredge with a nozzle diameter greater than 4", the state of Colorado requires authorization for its use.


The BLM Grand Junction Reid Office and the Royal Gorge Field Offices have designated rules and localities on suction dredging and recreational placer operations within their Field Office boundaries. A Notice of Intent form for any work in these areas only is provided on each Field Office web-site.


Q. Where can I find more Information?

Answer: Contact the BLM Colorado State Office Public Room at 303-239-3600 or email questions to


Q. Can I metal detect within the city limits of Wheatridge?

Answer: Yes you can now metal detect in Wheatridge.


The permit is free.  Go to this web site   Look for the 4th bullet under Forms, click on the link.  Follow the form instructions and the Rules and Regulations to the letter to keep out of trouble.  Happy detecting.


Q.  Where can I sell my gold at a fair price?

Answer:  You can call Steve the Owner of Capital Jewelers at 8550 W Colfax (shopping strip where Quality Auto Sound is located at Colfax and Carr St) his number is 303-235-0856, tell him you are from the Gold Prospectors of the Rockies and you have some gold you need to process and sell.

He will direct you to NTR metals where you simply tell them you have talked with Steve at Capital and you have some material you are getting rid of under the Account of Capitol Jewelers. You will take your metals they take Platinum, Palladium, Silver and Gold they will weigh the materials upon receipt and smelt and purify your material and after it done they will pay 2% less on spot market prices for that day.

You will receive a Check for the Material payable to Capital Jewelers. You can take this check to Steve at Capitol Tuesday through Saturday and present it to Steve; he will take 10% off the total price of the NTR check and issue a check in your name for the balance.