A Regular Place to Prospect
Non-scheduled! Just pack your gear and go!
by Jim Davis

Anyone looking for a place to gather and learn how to pan, sluice, and/or highbank? Well, we have been given permission by the landowner of the parking area adjacent to a great spot on Clear Creek. The address is 6911 North Washington Street. The place is Tymkovich Meats. The owner and his son, Steve and Tim Tymkovich, are really very nice people to allow us to park in their lot and give us access to the lot on weekends as well. They usually left the gate locked but said that in the future the gate will be unlocked to allow GPR members to park in their lot and have access to the river.

Be cautioned that you may only prospect on the south side of Clear Creek and to the west of the bridge for the width of the Tymkovich property. Also, do not climb over the fence; go out the gate to access the creek.

Everyone who shows up has fun and, best of all, finds color. Yes, there is gold there in the form of flour and fines. As long as gold hunters who care to use this location treat it with respect (if you pack it in, pack it out), we will have a great local spot to congregate, to use our pans and sluices (Adams county no longer allows motorized prospecting equipment of any kind), and to help new club members know how to do the same.

As we always do wherever we prospect, please fill your prospecting holes in this area as you make them. Throw the heavies back in the holes you have made so no one steps into one of them and gets hurt. Also, take out your own trash and a bit more.

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