Gold Prospectors of the Rockies

Last updated: 20 APR 2006

[ How to Build a Field Classifier by Chuck Cummins ] How To

 How to Build a Field Classifier   (by Chuck Cummins)
 How to Break In a Gold Pan   (by Rick LaCombe)
 How to Build a Hibanker/Sluice   (by Chuck Cummins)
 How to Modify Your Sluice   (by Chuck Cummins)

[ What To Do With Your Gold by Gary Livermore ] Hints and Tips

 Gold Prospecting in Colorado   (by Allen Mershon)
 Highbanking Tips   (by Steve Cychosz)
 Introduction to Gold Prospecting   (by Jim Zanbenini)
 Panning Tips   (by Steve Johnson)
 What To Do With Your Gold   (by Gary Livermore)


[ A Word to the Wise by Gary Hawely ]
 About Gold: The "Noble" Metal   (by Joseph Miller)
 Court Rules in BLM/USFS Case   (by Robert M. Oregon)
 Equipment List For Desert Nugget Detecting   (by Dick Crist)
 Gold-bearing Tellurides   (by Harvey S. Eastman)
 Gold Facts   (by Ken Oyler)
 Grains, Grams, Pennyweights?   (by Gary A. Turk)
 Hypothermia and the Gold Prospector
 Member Who Never Came Back   (submitted by Dean Adams)
 Prospect, Discover, File   (by Marilyn Sowa)
 Screen Mesh Sizes   (by Ken Oyler)
 Word to the Wise   (by Gary Hawley)


[ Arkansas River: The Flour-Gold-Only Myth Exploded by Leonard Leeper ]

 Abandoned Mines   (State of Colorado)
 Advanced Dredging Workshop I   (by Leonard Leeper)
 Advanced Dredging Workshop II   (by Leonard Leeper)
 Arizona Log   (by Tom Spector
 Arkansas River: The Flour-Gold-Only Myth Exploded   (by Leonard Leeper)

 Beginning Dredging Workshop   (by Leonard Leeper)
 Breckenridge Experience: A Prospector's Perspective   (by Frank Fannon)

 California Gold Adventure   (by Steve Cychosz)
 California or Bust   (by Leonard Leeper)
 Can You Still Find Gold in Alaska?   (by James Long)  
 Choppo Fetterhoff: Old-time Hard Rock Miner   (by Charles Hawkins)
 Colorado School of Mines Students Bring Home the Gold   (by a CSM Student)  
 Cleaning Your Gold   (by Allen Mershon)  

 Denver Stopover of the Arizona Gold Prospecting Expedition   (by Leonard Leeper)
 Detecting for Colorado Gold   (by Steve Cychosz)
 Dirt, Rocks, and a Little Creek Water   (by Carol Oakes)
 Dowsing Experience   (by Hank Innerfield)

[ Evolution of Gold Fever by Leonard Leeper ]
 Dredging the Arkansas   (by Leonard Leeper)

 Early Gilpin County Miners' Code   (submitted by Dick Oakes)
 Evolution of Gold Fever   (by Leonard Leeper)

 Featured Speaker: Larry Sallee   (by Jim Yeatrakas)
 First Aid for Prospectors in the Field   (by Allen Mershon)

 Girl and the Ring   (by Don Ditzler)
 Gold at Union Flats   (by Leonard Leeper)
 Gold Nuggets Celebrate Their Rescue   (by Les Silver)
 Gold Panning Days   (by Leonard Leeper)
 Gold Prospectors of the Rockies Feature Story   (by Jay Pastor)
 Gold Split   (by Leonard Leeper)
 GPR Member Markets Own Prospecting Line   (by Dick Oakes)
 Great Gold Reserves Controversy at Cripple Creek   (by Dan Plazak)  

[ Gold Split ]

 Hardrock Mining Today   (by Steve Rice)
 Herbertson Twins Find the Big One   (by Dale Herbertson)
 How I Caught Gold Fever   (by Don Ray)

 Leadville's Route of the Silver Kings   (condensed by Dick Oakes)
 Lure of Historic Mines   (by Rick Mattingly)

 Memorable California Moments   (by Leonard Leeper)
 Metal Detecting Museum   (by Dick Oakes)
 Mid-Winter Outing   (by Steve Cychosz)
 Miners' Ten Commandments   (by James Mason Hutchings)
 Mining Claims and Maps   (by Jim Jarnutowski)
 Mining Colorado   (by Joseph Miller)

[ Miners' Ten Commandments by James Mason Hutchings ]

 Old Prospector   (compiled by Dick Oakes)
 Orphan Boy   (by Court Young)  
 An Outing to Remember   (by Dick Oakes)

 Pannin' On the Platte   (by Caroline Mitchell)
 Prospectors of Old   (by Gary Hawley)
 Photo Diary, Arkansas River   (by Steven Cychosz)

 Recovering Gold from Black Sand   (by Charles Hawkins)
 Regular Place to Meet/Pan/Sluice/Highbank   (by Jim Davis)

 Sluicing Clear Creek   (by Steve Cychosz)
 Speed Panning   (by Shirley Weilnau)
 Star Mine Preservation Project   (by Diane Dudley)  
 Summary of Modern Gold Mining   (by Paul Nagy)  
 Survivor! The Denali Challenge 2001 Climb of Mt. McKinley   (by Dick Oakes)

[ Territorial Gold Coins submitted by Doug Taylor ] [ Territorial Gold Coins submitted by Doug Taylor ]
 Territorial Gold Coins   (Submitted by Doug Taylor)
 Texas Connection   (by Leonard Leeper)
 Trip To the Mother Lode   (by Leonard Leeper)

 Use of Suction Dredges in Colorado   (State of Colorado)

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