The Dowsing Experience
by Hank Innerfield

After the metal detecting treasure hunt at our metal detecting/coin hunt outing, I taught a half-hour dowsing class to all who were interested. We had nineteen people join us. Most were curious to see if it was even possible for them to dowse, the rest to see if they could expand upon their previous dowsing experiences.

The most recognized term for dowsing in the United States is "water-witching," in which the dowsers use their skills to locate underground water sources.

Everyone attending the class received a pendulum and a set of L-rods provided by the club. Within fifteen minutes, everyone seemed to able to get clear yes/no answers using their pendulums, much to the surprise of many members. We then used a number chart to expand on our yes/no dowsing abilities (again using the pendulums) to ask for our current ages. We then discussed and briefly practiced using the L-rods for getting yes/no answers and, while more time consuming, how to use the L-rods to determine numeric answers.

Then everyone went searching for six targets previously hidden in the same field where the treasure-hunt was conducted. This proved rather challenging to all for a number of reasons. First, because our dowsing abilities flow through the right side of our brains and our logical thoughts from the left side, just the excitement of a treasure-hunt kept many operating in their left brain, which automatically limits the accuracy of the results. Second, because the same field was previously used with hidden targets for the metal-detecting treasure hunt, there were many energies and intentions present that affected getting accurate results. For example, one person kept being guided to and finding targets from the previous hunt in her efforts to find the buried dowsing targets. Third, it takes practice to develop the ability to ask questions and have confidence in the responses--usually more practice than just thirty minutes--but it was a great experience for all.

Everyone had a great time. Everyone also was excited to begin awakening their dowsing abilities, which, with practice, will allow them to use their dowsing skills to be more successful not only in their gold prospecting efforts, but in many areas of their daily lives.

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