Local Gold Prospecting Sites
As appearing in The Gold Nugget, March 2008
by Allen Mershon (Transcribed by Paul Nagy)

Allen Mershon is the club's Vice President, a long-time active member, and a professional expert of local gold placer mining. He is very knowledgeable about local prospecting locales in his long association with a gold recovery company. However, we must include the important proviso that no guarantee can be given of the legality of ANY prospecting technique or of the legality of prospecting, or even entering on ANY site mentioned. It is up to each individual to identify and contact the appropriate jurisdiction for each site.

Allen begins with the warning that because of the excessive snowfall this winter, there will be dangerously fast run-off this spring and summer. Even shallow water can sweep you away. A good emergency flotation device to throw to someone is a Styrofoam cooler. Be careful - always!

Some of the better published sources for gold placer prospecting in Colorado are:

Good on-line sources are: Those should help you if you are new to gold prospecting or an Old Timer. Here are some good sites to try (remember to contact appropriate authorities first): Placer prospecting is a "can't lose" activity because you will always get fresh air, exercise, and scenic beauty. Many would argue that your life and how you spend it is worth more than any gold!

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