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This section might just need a little 'splainin' for those who are lookin' in on us from elsewhere 'round the country.

The Gold Prospectors of the Rockies conducts Gold Panning Demonstrations for interested groups in the Denver, Colorado, area. To give our demos that extra flair, we like to dress up in period clothing--any period from around 1800 to the present, that is! You see, every decade has had its own gold prospectors!

At our panning demos you might see one of us in contemporary hip-waders, another in bib-overalls, and yet another as a sheriff about to give up his badge to head for the gold fields. And some of us hark back a few years in our costumes to the 1800s.

We have here a few good solid informational links for our panning demonstrators. Good info for reenactors, too!


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