The Gold Nugget

Vol. 6, No. 7
Gold Prospectors of the Rockies
July 2001

Join Us on the Third Wednesday!

Lloyd G. Clements Community Center
1580 Yarrow St., Lakewood, Colorado
(One block west of Wadsworth, one block north of Colfax)

7:00 PM (Board Meeting at 6:00 PM)
Information: (303) 932-1076   <>

President's Article
by Rick Miska

      Hi all. We have all heard the saying "Gold is where you find it." Well, he same can be said for friends. When I joined this club about 6 years ago, I kind of felt out of place at first. I was a lot younger than the typical club member. I went to mv first meeting right from work, so I was in a shirt and tie. I think you get the idea.

Right after that first meeting, and from then on, I felt like I belonged. Keep in mind that I found the club on the Internet, so I didn't know anybody. Jim Davis stood out at first making me feel welcome. I usually sat in the back of the room, right by where the "Gold Guy" Randy sat. He peaked my interest with his display of nuggets. I was like a kid in the candy store, face glued to the glass, looking at nuggets instead of candy. A lot of us have watched Kendra grow up.
      I also got to know Terry Weatherly. I probably talk to him more than most members, and have spent a lot of time with him outside the club. He is a great guy. Lately, I have been going out to eat with Jerry Jones after each meeting. Joe Sloss has gone out of his way to help me get my new dredge ready to use. The guy knows a lot, and is always willing to go out of his way to help you in your prospecting endeavors
      My point is, the gold in the ground is not the only gold you get out of this club, its also all the friends and fun that YOU get in the process. Make a point of welcoming new members and making them feel like I do with "the crowd" at home.

Club Outing 2001
      This year's club outing promises to be one of the best ever. Dale and Gale Herbertson have donated the use of the Dolly Varden property, near Ahna, Colorado, for the outing. It will be Saturday and Sunday, August 18th and 19th. Some members will be going up Friday, so if you are interested in doing that, let me know.
      The first question that arises is "Who gets to use the bed and breakfast house and who gets to camp outside?". To use the house, we need to come up with at least 10 members who will pay $37.50 a night per person. After the first ten members, the cost per member goes down until the number of people reaches 20. Conceivably. that means if 20 people sign up, the cost per person goes down to $18.75 per night. I will have all the details on that by the nect newsletter, if not before.
      Dale spent $175 having two truckloads of unprocessed material brought down from the mine to the camping area. That way, those who have health issues don't have to make the trek up to the mine. There will be more than enough for everybody to "play" with. <
      There is a big fire pit for us to use too. Dale said it could 20 chickens at one time. That's enough food for me so I don't know what the rest of you will cook. There is also an outhouse there, so we shouldn't have the expense of getting a porta-potty. I am going up at the end of the month for a night to take a lot of pictures, get more information on the area, and finish the site planning for the event. At the next two meetings I will be asking for a lot of volunteers to help with all this. The past few years, Jim pretty much did everything, and the outings would not have happened without him. I cant do everything like he did- so, like everything else we do in the club, we REQUIRE volunteers to help. I will have more details on that too at the meetings. I am inviting members from the Springs club. the Fort Collins club, and the Eureka club to attend our next meeting as guests. If you see somebody unfamiliar, please introduce yourself and welcome him or her. Anything we can do to present a united voice in our endeavors and hobbies can only benefit us. See ya at the next meeting, Rick Miska

Vice President's Corner
by Jim Davis

      Howdy fellow Prospectors! Time seems to be rushing by this year. After every meeting I think I have ample time to write these articles, but before I know it I am past the monthly deadline. Time is something I never seem to have enough of which I'm sure the majority of you feel the same. I will make the July Newsletter brief.
      If you did not attend the June meeting you missed out on a terrific evening. We had a guest speaker (Allan Mershon) from the Eureka! Treasure Hunters Club in Denver. He gave a brief stand up on Gold being processed in a gravel pit somewhere in the Denver area. From what he said, there is plenty of Gold coming out of the concentrates that he helps process from the gravel pit. Unfortunately Aflan could not/would not reveal the location because he is a part-time employee there and this could create some problems with the owners. Allan also asked for members from our club to participate in the Annual Leadville Hunt scheduled for the 21st and 22nd of July in Leadville, Colorado. They will be offering Metal Detectors/Gold Coins/Silver Coins in the hunts they have planned. If you have never attend one of these hunts, now would be the time to sign up. Registration/Orientation will be held at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday July 21, 2001. Since I don't have a price sheet for the various hunts, you will have to contact a Eureka Club member (or ask one of the club memebrs attending our meeting) for the prices for each hunt. Since time is a factor here, the mailing address won't suffice. You can attempt to register if you like, and I will include it in this article. Eureka! Treasure Hunters Club, P.O. Box 101385, Denver, Colorado 80250-1385. Larry Boyz and Ken Oyler are members and may be present at the July meeting.

      Annual Summer Barbecue
      (held in Alma, Colorado at the Dolly Varden Lodge) The barbecue was discussed again at the meeting and all members present were asked to bring tables and chairs that could be used by others at this event. it is rather difficult to have one member rent them, drag them up to the mountains, and then return them after the event.

We have decided to ask all members to participate in bringing a table or chair we could use to set up for the food area and and/or for seatmg around a campfire (if allowed because of prevalent fire danger). Since I dont have a map readily available I am hoping Rick Mska will be able to locate one online and include it in this months Newsletter or next months for sure. The Dolly Varden Lodge is not difficult to locate although for the benefit of the new members we will get a map of the area and discuss the boundaries as to where we can and cannot enter while up there next month. Please, Please, be careful of the fire danger if you smoke or decide to light a fire. I would ask all of you to be sure and have a water container nearby if you should fight any fire. There are approximately 750 acres in the area to access. The adventurous members may like to get together for a hike up the mountain to explore the tailing piles left from the days this area was mined for Silver and Gold. There are some quartz tailings that contain veins of Gold if your fortunate enough to find one. Bring your metal detector as we will have a "Nugget Hunt" and perhaps bury "something "very special this year for a lucky detectoirist to find. There is some Gold found in the river in front of the property but one has to pan enough to find good color. The trick here is to move up and downstream until you pan a substantial amount of color then continue working that area. Bring a sluice if you own one. A sluice allows you to work more material and rest a little between shovel fulls as the water take it's course. The date was set for August 18 and 19. Some members will be departing Friday morning to get things set up for us at the Lodge. If you have the time off and can assist, by all means call Rick Miska at 303 404 2897, or see him at the July meeting. This is one event we need extra people to step up and volunteer to help. So please do your part. To make this club better for everyone.
      I hope to see all of you at the Club Meeting on the 18th of July. So please mark your calendars.!!!!! Frank Fannon was not able to attend the June meeting, so I more or less filled in for him. Hope I didn't miss too much! May Gold Shine in your pan, as well as in your Dreams.

Grains, Grams, Pennyweights?
So How Much Is My Gold Worth?
from the Gold Prospectors of Colorado newsletter by Gary S. Turk

      You will hear people talking about their gold in term like flakes and flour. Some people will tell you that a nugget they found weighs a pennyweight. When you are new at this, these terms sound real foreign. So, just what do all these things mean?

What To Call That Gold You Found

Flour -- This should be obvious. The gold you found looks like baking flour, only it is gold. Sometimes it is even microscopic in size, and people wonder how you found it without a magnifying glass.
Spec -- This is going to be just a bit bigger than flour, but it is still very small.
Flec -- This is similar to a "spec," but it is flatter in shape, and still very small.
Flake -- Now we're getting somewhere! A "flake" is going to be larger in size. You will begin to get excited when the gold you are finding reaches FLAKE size. A FLAKE is still too small to pick up with your finger, but you can get it with a tweezers.
Picker -- Yahoo! This is a piece of gold big enough to pick up with your finger and thumb. If you have to fumble around to get it, it is a "small picker." If you can pick it out rather easily, it qualifies as a "nice picker." If it is real easy to pick up, it is probably a "big picker."
Plinker or Small Nugget -- When you actually hear a piece of gold hitting the bottom of your pan or the bottom of your sluice, you may get real excited. Some people call these "plinkers," but for the most part, they are "small nuggets."
Nugget -- If one dents your pan or sluice, no doubt about it, you got a "NUGGET!"

This Is the Way to Compute Actual Value of the Gold You Have

Please note that the gold value used in the following computations ($350.00) is only for demonstration purposes, and is not necessarily the current value of an ounce of gold.

Grain -- Take the value of gold and divide it by 480. This will give you the value of a grain. For example, $350 divided by 480 = 0.73. So, each grain of gold you have is worth 73 CENTS.
Pennyweight -- Take the value of gold and divide it by 20. This will give you the value of a Pennyweight (dwt). For example, $350 divided by 20 = 17.5 So, each pennyweight of gold you have is worth $17.50.
But wait! Threre's more! -- If your nugget is large enough to be made into jewelrv piece, its value increases. Also, if your nugget has "character," that is, it looks like something or somebody in particular, then it also has increased value. This value can double or even triple the value of the nugget you have.

These Are the Scientific Measures of Gold

1 Ounce (oz) = 20 Pennyweights or 31.10 Grams or 480 Grains
1 Pennyweight (dwt) = 1.56 Grams or 24 Grains
1 Gram (gm) = 15.43 Grains

So, figure it out

If you find a "picker" that weighs 48 Grains, it also weighs 2 dwt (Pennyweight), and it also weighs 1/10th of an ounce. To add just a bit more confusion, this measurement system is based on "Troy ounces." These are not the same ounces as we normally use to weigh and measure everything else. "Troy" is used for measuring precious metals only. You see, a pound" in "Troy" is only 12 ounces! When you measure flour or whatever, you are using the "Avoirdupois" weight system. That is, 16 ounces to a pound. Why? I don't know, it's a French thing. Just remember, when you have a "pound" of gold, it is 12 "Troy ounces.

Find of the Month / Year

by Doug Taylor

      June's meeting had a good turnout for the Find of the Month/Year Program. We received six entries in four categories.
      Joe Sloss brought in gold that he recovered from Clear Creek near 70th and Washington, resulting in a win in Most Raw Gold. Sue Clover entered a small amount of raw gold that she recovered from Clear Creek in her first attempt at panning. She had some tough competition trying to beat out Joe who was using his 4-inch dredge in the same area.
      Ada Keim won in largest nugget category with gold nuggets and placer gold that she recovered in Russel Gulch using a 2-inch dredge.
      Gary Keim won in the Gold Jewelry category with a beautiful gold ring that he found 300 feet up the side of a mountain at Highway 6 and 119. What made this ring even more unique was the inscription inside the ring which said "Xmas 1910". A very nice find. Gary used a metal locator to locate this valuable possession. Just imagine the history associated with this ring!
      Rich Duplessis and Glen Godat entered items in the Unique Finds catagory. Glen submitted some possible silver slag that he found in Evens Gulch near Leadvlle and Rich entered a rock pick that he found in Russell Gulch near Central City. When the votes were tallied, Glen took the win with the slag.
      It's great to have members bring in their finds to share with us and the history that accompanies these items.

Wines of the World (and then there's K-Mart)

from the Internet

      Budget conscious wine connoisseurs soon will be able to sample a new Wal-Mart discount wine. Wal-Mart is teaming with E & J Gallo to produce the spirits at a discount price. Some of the suggested names are: White Trashfidel, Gapre Expectations, Chief Boyandeaux, Peanut Noir, Blue Light Special Nun, Martha Stewart's Sour Grapes, World Chmapionship Riesling, Box of Grapes, Chateau Trailer Doublewide, Big Red Gulp, and Chateau des Moines.

Gold Nugget Drawing Winners
Wednesday, June 20, 2001
0.9 gram nugget - Gary Keim
1.0 gram nugget - William Galett
0.9 gram nugget - Mary Lorenz
1.0 gram nugget - Jerry Jones
1.0 gram nugget - Rich Duplessis
1.0 gram nugget - Glen Spencer
1.0 gram nugget - Mel Kreller
0.9 gram nugget - Molly Kleeman
1.0 gram nugget - Bob Miosek
0.9 gram nugget - Jim Allen
0.9 gram nugget - Mary Lorenz
Door Prizes and Special Drawings
0.8 gram nugget - Gary Hawley
Donated by Randy Solomon
Jewelry Grad Flakes - Gary Hawley
Donated by Allen Mershon

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