The Gold Nugget

Vol. 8, No. 3
Gold Prospectors of the Rockies
March 2003

Join Us on the Third Wednesday!

Lloyd G. Clements Community Center
1580 Yarrow St., Lakewood, Colorado
(One block west of Wadsworth, one block north of Colfax)

7:00 PM (Board Meeting at 6:00 PM)
Information: (303) 932-1076   <>

Golden Outing
by Ken Barker

      On Saturday February 22, 2003, a hardy group of prospectors met at Lions Park in Golden, Colorado. The group included Allen Mershon, Jeff and Diane Mosteller, and Larry and Shirley Weilnau and a friend Dermit Halley. Allen was the person who told me about what was going on in Golden (thanks Allen!). The reason for this outing was because Golden is in the process of changing a very large area on Clear Creek between Lions Park to the Coors plant.
      Changes include digging out the river channel in a number of areas. One of these is just behind the Golden Library. The channel has been dug out to about 20 to 25 feet down and the material is being placed along the bank of the river to provide a flat area for people to pull out of the river. Dirt has also been piled in a parking lot at the southwest end of Pioneer Park on the south side of the river.
      If you go to Golden, remember that they do not allow any gas engines to be used in the area of the river, so bring your pans and sluices only. Also this is an area where you don't need to dig holes all of the material is right on top, so just scrap the ground to get material and run it through your sluice. If you decide to use the material in the parking lot you will have to haul your buckets to the river to process.
      We met about 10:00 AM and had the river to ourselves--what a surprise. We talked with the heavy equipment operator from whom we obtained most of the information where and how deep they had dug.
      We then went to the parking lot behind the hotel, and got out our equipment, and began to set up. We sampled a number of different areas, setup our sluices, and began to dig. After processing a number of buckets of material, we panned down the concentrates to see how we were doing. Well, there was gold in our pans so we then set up again and started working some more. The day was about 49 degrees Fahrenheit with a light breeze, which made it a little cold, and the ground was hard and frozen. However, we worked away at finding more gold.
      The weather changed. It became more overcast, the wind began to blow a little harder, and we were wet and cold but most of the group continued to work and all had a good time.
      The plan had been to meet again on Sunday but, with the weather projected to be worse, I did not think anyone would be going. This will be a great area to look at in the Spring, so keep it in the back of your mind.
      You can find some pictures of the outing on the website.

Gold Panning Demonstrations

We can schedule
Gold Panning Demonstrations
for your event!

Contact Ken Barker
(303) 932-1076   <>   GPR Panning Demos

President's Article
by Gary Hawley

      Greetings to all Gold Prospectors of the Rockies members!
      The club meetings continue to be entertaining and educational. I have noticed several members joining us who have not been to a meeting in some time--welcome back and please continue to come to the meetings.
      You may have noticed that we are now following an agenda for the General Membership Meetings. This gives the meetings a specific form and time line for club business. If any member has something to be discussed at a meeting, call me or send an e-mail and I will attempt to clear some time for you.
      I want to thank Hank Innerfeld for his excellent presentation on dowsing. I was especially impressed when Hank was challenged to "dowse" the drawings winners--and he did! I have asked Sue Clover to schedule Hank for a follow-up presentation. If you have suggestions for speakers, please talk with or e-mail Sue.
      I have asked the Board Members to consider making improvements to the club logo. You can find an example of the logo on the front page of the newsletter. Another example is on the club caps. The major difference is the logo on the caps has mountains in the background, plus the cap logo is slightly distorted. Several Board Members are getting prices on new caps and shirts with the logo and club name on them.
      Thanks to all the members who voted and made comments on the logo at the general membership meeting. The vote was close with 22 in favor of the logo with mountains and 19 in favor of a logo without the mountains. At this point, I believe it would be wise to plan for another presentation when we get a corrected logo, complete with prices and volume limitations and all those other things to consider.
      For those who have internet access, be sure to check out the changes to the club web site. Dick Oakes, our new webmaster, has done an excellent job at giving the site a much needed face lift. The photos are great, the articles and newsletters are current, and I know Dick has some great ideas he is going to implement on the site. Great job, Dick!

In Memory of Skip Mancheski

      Stanley "Skip" Mancheski, age 63, died Monday, Jan. 20, 2003, in Aurora, Colorado, following heart surgery. Skip was born Aug. 19, 1939, in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, son of the late John and Luella Mancheski.
      He was a graduate of P.J. Jacobs High School and the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in Business and in Geology. He served in the U.S. Army from 1960 to 1963 in Germany and later with the Corp's of Engineers in Vietnam. He was married to Diane Pavloski who presently lives in Aurora.
      Skip was an avid gold prospector and went on many outings. His trip to Nome, Alaska, was his favorite, and he was looking forward to making another trip to Nome after his surgery. Skip was a life member of both the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association, and the New 49's.
      I do not believe that Skip ever missed a meeting. Diane told me that she always wondered where he went in the evenings every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Skip was a very active member in the club and provided a great deal of valued input to the club and to its members.
      The members of the Gold Prospectors of the Rockies offer our condolences to Diane.
      Skip will be missed by all of us at the Gold Prospectors of the Rockies.

Ken Barker

This Month's Q&A
by Nora Dorn


Two correct answers gets you one ticket. All three correct answers gets you two tickets.
The answers will be published in next months newsletter.

Last month's answer is: Charles & Claude Boettcher
Frank C. Allison, operator of a popular cigar store in Denver, collected the gold for decades. He fell upon hard times during the depression and wanted to melt down the gold. Leading assayer, Charles Porter, contacted the Boettchers. Thus started the Boettcher Foundation. The rest is history.

Food for Thought

      Thanks to Kathy Hawley for the Snack Table goodies at our February meeting.
      Larry and Shirley Weilnau have signed up for the March meeting.
      We still need volunteers for June, July, August, and November!
      Please sign up at the next meeting!
      Kathleen Graham

Power from a Nuclear Reactor

      One pound of plutonium is about the size of a golf ball.
      One pound of plutonium can produce 6,274,000 kwh of power or the energy of 3000 tons of coal.
      3000 tons of coal is equivalent to 25 railroad cars of coal.
      As an example of volume, in October of this year, the Valmont Power Plant in Boulder, Colorado, used 61,600 tons of coal (enough to fill 513 railroad cars).
      If the power plant were a nuclear reactor, it would have used 20.5 pounds of plutonium!

Gold Nugget Drawing Winners
Wednesday, February 19, 2003
0.8 gram nugget - Marten Swisher
0.8 gram nugget - Wayne Hale
0.6 gram nugget - Gary Hawley
1.1 gram nugget - Fritz meyer
0.4 gram nugget - jay Nunn
0.5 gram nugget - Kindra Solomon
1.5 gram nugget - Don Dixon
0.6 gram nugget - Jeff Mosteller
0.5 gram nugget - Donovan Greene
0.9 gram nugget - Pinie Conell
1.4 gram nugget - Nora Dorn
0.4 gram nugget - Fritz Meyer
Door Prizes and Special Drawings
0.3 gram nugget - Ernie Parker
Donated by Randy Solomon
Flag charm - Kindra Solomon
Donated by Pat Keim
Calculator - Hank Innerfeld
Donated by Art Achtemeier

Find of the Month / Year

by Doug Taylor

      To all Club members: I was unable to attend February's meeting so, if you brought in a find for the Find of the Month program, please bring it back in and I will get it entered in the program for March.

Member Classifieds
Items For Sale
  • double swag ceiling wall mount electric light, new, still in the box.
  • 5-inch Keene sluice
  • Shoulder-length insulated panning gloves
  • Hand dredge
$175.00 for the lot.
Will bring to the March meeting.
Contact Pat Kime
Dredge Wanted
Used 3- or 4-inch dredge wanted.
Call Jerry Jensen.
Wet Suit For Sale
Two-piece wet suit, medium size (5' 8" - 140 lbs.), great shape, new.
Asking $65.00
Contace Larry Weilnau
Members: Your Ad Could Be Here
Wanted, For Sale, Free--you name it!

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