Gold Prospectors of the Rockies

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 John found the cache again in Nov 2016. These are the clues and what he won. (46MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 Joe Fortunato talks about his Metal Detecting trips to Nevada in 2016. (262MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 Assaying The GPR May program featured Richard Sweeney , a certified assayer, discussing the fire process and modern assaying. Many prospecting tips were discussed. (132MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 Cache May 2015 The GPR Cache was found and the clues were explaned at the May GPR meeting and the finders were rewarded. (11.3MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 STUMP THE EXPERTS The June 2014 meeting featuured a four person panel that fielded questions from the membership and tried to answer them. Pretty good job and very informative. (109MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 At the May 2014 meeting, Christie Wright talks about three murders that occured in Park County near Fairplay in the old days. Also Prez Jim Long presents pictures of the Stormking Dredge to Christie for the Park County museum. (59MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 At the April 2014 GPR meeting, Robert Walters from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Dept talked about how Invasive Species (plants, insects & water critters) are spread and how prospectors can help prevent their spread. (95MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 At the Nov meeting, Joe Fortunato talked about his Metal Detecting trip to Alaska in Jun" (65MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 Barbara found the GPR cache in Oct. Her second find. See how she did it and the reward." (21MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 At the July meeting we drew for the members only big nugget. Chris won. " (15MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 At the April meeting, Clancy Harmon from the Colorado School of Mines talks about abandond mines and safety concerns and Rescue. " (86MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 Preethi Burkholder's presntaton at the March GPR meeting was truly outstanding. She talked about some of the ghost towns in Colorado and their history" (49MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 Christie Wright presents a History of Park County at the Feb GPR Meeting." (82MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 GPR Club produced HOW TO Video. (Subjects: Overview of Prospecting, Code Of Ethics, Safety, How to Read a Stream, Conditioning a New Pan) (Select subject from menu)" (152MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 John Johnson found the GPR cache. See how the clues led him right to it." (27MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 Bill Duncanson won the Ken Barker award for 2012." (8MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 Joe Fortunato talks about his Metal Detecting trip to Alaska in June 2012 looking for GOLD. AND DID HE FIND IT." (94MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 Gale Gresham was the speaker at the April meeting. She talked about the early days of Cache Creek." (144MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 Rob D. found the GPR cache and won a 6.5grm nugget, see how the clues led him to it." (56.5MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 Don B. won the 17.1Grm nugget drawing at the Feb meeting." (20.9MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 Gary Hawley won the Ken Barker for 2011. Dec 21, 2011" (6.3MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 Barbara B. found the cache treasure. See how she did it with the given clues. July 20, 2011. (24.4MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 Bill & Beth Sagstetter present a very interesting slide show on Cliff Dwellings and the story they tell. Mar 2011. (79.6MB)   (by Andy Doll)  

 TODAY Hunts for Gold   (May 31, 2008. On a recent trip to Colorado, NBC's Lester Holt and Amy Robach went panning for gold, an old hobby in the midst of a big resurgence.)

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